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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aging Geekfully Podcast: Top 5 Video Game Systems - Part 3/5

Reminisce about video game systems past with our geek trio, in part three of a five part series. Hear Jon’s Secret Shame, and Neil’s Shameless Brand Loyalty. Also, Brandon begrudgingly supports his sworn enemy.

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  1. Yes, it was scary, JD!
    Also, Brando, I totes cut my chord to keep my duck hunting gun.
    MrNeil, they keep the game play fresh but they do rehash the music...

  2. I blame the fact that Koji Kondo is more of a supervisor nowadays. In the vintage era of the NES and SNES he composed just about every musical theme in Nintendo made games.

    That, and perhaps there's an over-reliance on nostalgia to sell contemporary products. There are some great reworkings of classic songs, but I miss the days where every musical number was an amazing, toe-tapping experience.

  3. To bad I've become desensitized to such things...boo