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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Need a break, hit the urination station

What happened to creativity in gaming? I recently rented Dead Rising 2 and I must say I was beyond disappointed. For a game that took years to make it sure lacked the creativity they were touting. Sure you can make a few neat toys to slay zombies with but it’s completely the same game. I mean parts of the “new’ mall are lifted from the mall in the old game. It looks the same, plays the same, and bores the same. Are we even trying any more? The most disturbing part of the whole thing is that to save your game you have to relieve yourself. It used to be you would go to bed to save a game. That kind of made sense, but using the restroom?

The one positive I will give this game is your daughter in the game might be one of the cutest rendered kids ever. Beyond that avoid this game like the zombie plague.

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