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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Telivison Cop Shows

For some reason this seems to be the summer of cop shows - and judging from the fall previews it looks like it might also be the fall of cop shows. For someone who enjoys a good old fashion cop show, I say, bring it on!! Here is just a quick run down of the cop shows I am watching right now.

TNT - The Closer - I am a fan of this one. The new season just premiered a couple weeks ago. There is something about how Kyra Sedgwick portrays Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson and her squad that does leave me waiting for next weeks episode. TNT has been splitting this up into mini-seasons though so I usually feel pretty ripped off when the season is over after only a few weeks. The cast I think is what makes this show - each character adds a certain element to the show that would not exist if they weren't there. While each episode is mostly self contained there are several story arc's that run throughout and always seem to leave you waiting for more!

TNT - Rizzoli and Isles - As I tweeted earlier this week, after only two episodes I am hooked. Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander make a great team both on and off the clock. Another thing I enjoy about this show is that it takes place in Boston! There is something about a show 'taking place' in my own backyard that I do find intriguing, even if I do continually find myself yelling at the TV that there is no such place. Rizzoli seems to have deep Irish family roots and the Celtic beginning to each show is a nice change. I just wonder if each episode is going to end with either Rizzoli or Isles constantly finding them in life threatening situations as the first two episodes have.

TNT - Memphis Beat - Am I sensing a trend with TNT - they know Drama but I wasn't aware Drama only involved cop shows. This series takes us down south where things are done with an extra helping out southern hospitality. After My Name Is Earl I didn't really see Jason Lee as a Memphis detective but he is delivering in his role. The show itself seems to really lack anything extra in its offering. There is no real wow factor and it tends to make me wonder just how this cop show, in a sea of cop shows, is going to manage to hang around.

FOX - The Good Guys - Off to Dallas for this one. I feel this show is trying too hard. I feel like its the Odd Couple meets Dragnet. The entire premises seems kind of week and to be truly honest I have more unwatched episodes sitting on my Tivo right now then episodes I have watched. I think for me, at least, cop shows need to have some level of believability. This show just doesn't seem to have that for me. Am i really to believe that Stark (Bradley Whitford) consistently sleeps with the victims? I also find the believability factor tarnished as they drive around from crime scene to crime scene in a 79 Trans Am - seriously? I have a similar issue with Memphis Beat.

FOX - Lie To Me - I'm listing this because I think it is just a cop show in disguise. Don't get me wrong, I love this show. Tim Roth does an excellent job in his portrayal of Dr. Cal Lightman. To be truly honest when this show first premiered I didn't think there would be any way it could last past a few episodes. But given the fact that it isn't a straight up cop show they are able to do story arc's that don't involve finding out if the accused is in fact the murderer. That I think it what has given this show stay power - and so far - they seem to be doing a good job of keeping it fresh.

CBS - Flashpoint - I didn't even realize this show got picked up for a second season. While nothing spectacular this is one of only a few cop shows that doesn't focus on the crime, the investigation, and the hunt for the bad guy. This is just straight up SWAT response and how can they neutralize the threat. I think it is for that reason that I am slightly turned off to this series. I think this is one of those shows where the only thing that seems to change each week is the location and story behind why someone had gone of the deep end and now has a sniper rifle pointed at their head.

ABC - Rookie Blue - I actually have yet to check out this show. The promos did not wow me. It is on my 'To Do List' on my Tivo. To be honest, with so many other cops shows to choose from right now, if the promo didn't sell me on it, there is really no reason to watch it. Add to that its ABC which has a reputation of being more family friendly.

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